Great iPhone Development Resources

I’ve been collecting a series of iPhone development articles that may be of interest.

First, Craig Hockenberry has written some great stuff on as well as articles for A List Apart. It seems like it is likely worth subscribing to his site if you are interested in iPhone development. Some of the articles of interest are:

  • Benchmarking in Your Pants An exhaustive testing that shows javascript executes 80 times slower on an iPhone and why this would be much faster with a native SDK instead of a Safari-based SDK
  • Part I and Part II of his A List Apart series called “Put Your Content in My Pocket.” These articles focus on the basics of building content for iPhones.
  • One Line of Code How to make your site look better on an iPhone with only one line of code.
  • Hacking Quicker How to speed up ssh and other services to make hacking the iPhone faster
  • What the iPhone Specs Don’t Tell You Things like the CPU speed

As you can tell, Craig has a ton of great information. He’s been a one-man iPhone publishing house. Some other good resources are: