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Blogging More at Cloud Four

Since we started Cloud Four, I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to figure out what posts make the most sense here versus our company blog.

Recently, my co-founders have asked me to bring more of my mobile posts to Cloud Four’s blog, and I’ve started doing so.

For example, there are new posts about how the iPhone App Store flies in the face of the preceding technology trends and the iPhone App Store gold rush.

So if you haven’t done so already, please check out the Cloud Four blog and subscribe via RSS or email.

I’m still going to blog here, but the focus will be a bit more technical. The high-level mobile analysis posts will likely be posted at Cloud Four.

And I welcome any feedback you may have on how to distinguish between a personal blog and a company blog.

Update on Android Market Rejection

I wrote previously about the an Android application that had been rejected from the Android Market for inexplicable reasons. The Android Market responded to the developer to tell him that:

Your app was suspended because it seems to be a demo of what one can do with a blog. You may re-upload your app to the “Demo” section of the market as opposed to the “Reference” section.

This is good news. It is unfortunate that the first message stated that the application had been rejected because it didn’t conform to the Android Market policies instead of the real reason for the rejection notice. However, it is nice to have it straightened out and to know that Google appears to be honoring its commitment to an open market.

AdMob iPhone Download Tracking Update

I wrote recently about the new AdMob service that can tie advertising to iPhone App Store downloads. I was curious whether this feature was limited to ads in applications only or would apply to ads viewed in Mobile Safari.

AdMob clarified this via email recently saying, “as our iPhone app download tracking relies on unique user information, it only functions for ads shown within applications.”

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