Speed Matters: Presentation Files and Resources

Speed Matters: Presentation and Resources

We had an exceptional audience tonight at DevGroup NW for my presentation on how to speed up web pages. There were a lot of good questions and an engaged audience. Thank you to everyone who showed up. Here is my presentation from tonight as well as some of the resources I mentioned.

The great irony is that I used so many images in my presentation that I can’t compress the pdf files to the degree that I would like. Sorry for the large file size. If it is any consolation, you’ll likely get to fully use your broadband connection unlike when you download web pages and are limited by current connections to a fraction of your connection speed. :-)

Books on Site Performance

Articles & Resources

Measuring Site Speed

Minimizers and Compressors

Statistics & Studies

Thanks to all of the Flickr users who posted their images with Creative Commons licenses. This presentation wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting without their photographs.

11 thoughts on “Speed Matters: Presentation Files and Resources”

  1. I will definitely be linking to this! Thank you for posting.

    Any chance that you could post the presentation to SplashCast, SlideShare, or a similar service that allows easy embedding? If so, I’d be happy to embed it.

    In the meantime, I’ll write up the post.

  2. Hi Rick,
    I’m going to look into Slideshare today. I was too exhausted last night to do anything other than the pdf files. I’ll send you a note when I’ve posted it.

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