New Design, Infrastructure, ISP

I’ve finally found time to upgrade this site. The previous articles and materials will be eventually ported over and there is still much work to be done. That said, I’m pleased with the site and grateful to be working with WordPress on my personal site after installing it for so many customers over the past three years.

With this site launch, I’m also one step closer to shuttering my personal hosting operation. Over seven years ago, I set out to learn what it would be like take to host a web site and maintain a server. At the time, it was also prohibitively expensive to host a personal site in a professional web environment.

I built a server, installed debian, and set it up as my router, firewall, and web server. Through the years I replaced the hardware, purchased uninterruptible power supplies, attempted RAID configurations, and fretted whenever I left town that my server would go down.

No longer. Last December all of the email accounts I hosted for family and friend were moved to I’ve been very pleased with the service and the price.

Now, this web site is being hosted at MediaTemple. MediaTemple is more expensive than some of the other low-end providers, but the peace of mind of a reliable and scalable environment is worth it.

So no more worries about hosting and maintaining a server. I can focus on what I love to do: Learn, work and play on the web and mostly sharing what I’ve discovered.