Need Google Adwords Assistance

A few months ago I moved our beach house web site from a server in my house running Zope to WordPress at Media Temple. In the process, I screwed up my Adwords account.

In particular, I forgot that I had a special landing page that tracked the referring url and then redirected to the home page. After the move, the url for that landing page was returning a page not found error.

Now my ads won’t run no matter what I do. I’ve pointed the ads at the home page, the about page, the features page, etc. I’ve tried domain aliases. No matter what I do, Google Adwords never seems to budge from its opinion that the landing page is of poor quality and not relevant.

I don’t believe my changes to the landing page are having any effect. I’ve been battling this for a couple of weeks now. I’ve sought from the Adwords help forum and from Google’s support (which thus far has only sent me back borderline insulting template emails).

Has anyone encountered anything like this? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Finally, any SEO/SEM experts interested in trading some assistance for some free time at the beach?

Details on the problem are in this Adwords Help Forum Thread.

2 thoughts on “Need Google Adwords Assistance”

  1. Hi, Google explains that their landing page quality score is a dynamic variable. It considers each keyword separately in conjunction with the landing page, and performance of both. It is quite a complex algorithm that includes factors like time spent visiting the landing page. Therefore create some time using factor like a link to a ‘new window’. :-)

    Solution. I would probably delete that campaign and start afresh. Use ‘copy campaign details’ before you do that, if you wish, or start from scratch. Next, use a simple approach with a totally new file name for the landing page so that Google is triggered to re-spider it and re-apply the dynamic quality score algorithm. That is, you need to re-set Google. GD.

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