How to find a Twitter First Post

Want to the find the first post you wrote or that someone else wrote? It’s easy.

  • Go to the Twitter page of the person whose first post you want to see. Take note of their Twitter username.
  • Look for the number of updates in the Stats section in the right column.
  • Take the number of updates and divide it by 20. (There are 20 updates per page).
  • If you have a remainder after the division, add 1 to your result. This is the page number you need.
  • Construct a url using the following syntax:[username]?page=[pagenumber]

  • Load that url in your browser.

That’s it. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “How to find a Twitter First Post”

  1. Yes. Unfortunately this is the case.

    When I wrote the post, either there wasn’t a limit or the accounts I tested with hadn’t reached it yet. Now you can only go so far back in time.

    I wonder if that history exists in Twitter’s databases and is accessible some way or if it is gone forever.

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