What’s Next: Cloud Four

As many of you may know, I recently left my job of over seven years. In today’s world, it is an amazing thing to stay find a place to work that you believe in and feel passionate about. The first two years I worked at Kavi, I had two bad days. Who else can say that?

I have been incredibly blessed during my time at Kavi. I’m very proud of what the company has become, of the impact it has in the world (just try to buy a computer that doesn’t include a standard being developed on Kavi’s servers), and of the direction the company is headed. I have such admiration, respect, and affection for the people I worked with.

And like most things that have happened since I found Kavi, even my departure has been a good thing. We’re leaving on amicable terms. Kavi has been very supportive of our new venture, and we’re already working together on projects.

So what’s next? Three of my co-workers and I have formed a new company called Cloud Four. We’re going to continue to do web site development and expand our services into areas of interest like performance, analytics, and mobile devices.

I’ll have much more to talk about regarding Cloud Four soon. :-)