Who Remembers These Things?

I’ve been trying to find the RSS feeds on Facebook that TechCrunch wrote about earlier today when I was prompted by Facebook with a requirement to add a security question. Here is a screenshot of what I saw:


Who remembers the name of their first stuffed animal? The time you were born, not the year. My third grade teacher had a Japanese last name that I can’t remember how to spell. Too bad it wasn’t my fourth grade teacher who I liked much less, but whose name is simple to spell. Least favorite nickname? Uh… First kiss? Well, she was cute. I remember that much.

Maybe this is just a sign that I’m getting too old, but the only question from the list that I felt confident answering is my mother’s maiden name, and maybe I’ll give her a call just to be safe. :-)

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5 thoughts on “Who Remembers These Things?”

  1. Now, I’m way older than you are, and I can answer those questions…! Although I am surprised they didn’t include the ubiquitous ‘first pet’ question.

  2. Jeffery: Danah’s piece hits the nail on the head. I really enjoyed Dossy Shiobara’s comments on how to respond to these questions.

    “What’s even better is when the system allows you to enter your OWN question in free-form text. #1 on my list: “Would you like to see me naked?” I won’t reveal the answer I use (so you can’t pwn my accounts) but it’s great fun to make a Customer Service Rep have to ask me that question on the phone.”


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