Twitter Updates and Facebook Status

Twitter’s Facebook application has recently been updated to allow you to change your status whenever you post to Twitter. This sounds like a good idea in practice, but in reality, it turns out to be simply redundant.

Status updates is one of the few Facebook items that are available via RSS. Now that Twitter updates change the Facebook status, most of the RSS that Facebook provides is now full of updates that I’ve already read in Twitter.

The only updates I can get out of Facebook’s walled garden is something that both started outside of the garden and something that I’ve already read. It’s easy to see why everyone thinks Facebook is so useful. </sarcasm> :-)

2 thoughts on “Twitter Updates and Facebook Status”

  1. Facebook, like its predecessors Myspace and Friendster, has never been anything more than a crutch for our friends who don’t know how to use the internet.

    “You sent me an email?”
    “Yeah. On Myspace.”
    “Ohhhh Kay….”

    As such the Twitter integration works perfectly. My Facebook friends can pretend like they are using the internet, and I can totally ignore Facebook (until I get an “email”). Win win.

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